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D-7i Supreme
D-7 Supreme

Authentic high-end D/A converter developed through unified technologies of TechDAS.
Evolution of the acknowledged D-7 converter to a whole new dimension.

A fundamental characteristic for the highly acclaimed D-7 series of the standard D/A converters is to keep evolving and upgrading each version. At TechDAS we continuously work on research with the aim of improving the D-7, bringing it to new heights. During this development, starting with a fundamental principle of audio performance, we have focused on the redesign of the power supply and casing.

How much has the competition for higher resolution contributed to a better sound quality? Of course high spec data has a good amount of potential for a better sound quality but there are far more factors to define the quality itself. The overall sound relies far more on the mass of the power supply and chassis. TechDAS have accomplished refinements to those fundamental factors to push the D-7 into another dimension.

Through the development of Air Force One reference analog turntable, we at TechDAS have accumulated a substantial understanding of metallurgy. The property of metal can be drastically changed by the difference of a minute amount of alloying additives, and a great asset to us is to have such an extensive knowledge on what influences the physical property of a metal can have on sound quality, how the sound quality will change according to the combination of metals with different degrees of strength or hardness, and so on. D-7 Supreme was born from the devotion of this mining of knowledge as an authentic high-end D/A converter.

Major features of D-7/D-7i Supreme

- Employs a large independent toroidal transformer for digital/analog signals, with twice as large a capacity as the original model.
- Constant voltage circuit with zero feedback of full discrete structure.
- Hybrid chassis with a clad structure of aluminum and brass which controls resonance. Main unit constructed from solid aluminum.
- Sits on three large spiked feet of brass. Two frontal spikes are directly connected to the toroidal transformer to quickly remove all minute vibrations.
- Comes with newly developed TechDAS Insulation Base which is made of super duralumin and DLC. The insulation base works in unison with the brass spikes and quickly removes all minute vibrations which originate from the main unit, while also perfectly insulating any influences that start from the mounting surface.
- Key parts carefully selected for high sound quality.

•Supporting DSD files by DSD Over PCM (DoP)

The Wolfson WM8741, TechDAS D-7 series employed for D/A chip has an capability to process the DSD file in native.
The D-7i/192DSD and D-7/192DSD is supporting the DSD file through by theDSD Over PCM (DoP) Spec.

•Supporting USB 192kHz

Fully prepared for the coming of age of high resolution. 
USB input: Perfect construction to give sound quality top priority based on asynchronous transmission by XMOS made controller and dedicated software. Perfectly supports 176.4/192kHz, 24bit.

Supporting OS: WINDOWS XP (SP2 or later,) WINDOWS Vista, WINDOWS 7, Mac OSX 10.6 or later. WINDOWS OS needs to be installed with attached driver

•Digital input: Up to 192kHz for also TOS, RCA input

•Supporting iPod Digital Out 
D-7i/192DSD, "i" model Enables direct digital input from iPod by connecting the USB cable attached to iPod into the front USB-A terminal.This function allows you to use your iPod as a high-end audio player.

*The front USB-A terminal is also mounted on D-7/192DSD but not functional.

•High performance D/A converter

High grade DAC chip corresponding 192kHz made by the established Wolfson from England is used. All input terminals accept up to 192kHz/24bit for digital input. Ensures low jitter by mounting a dedicated clock in D/A.

•Powerful power supply

The key of the sound quality for audio products is the power. TechDAS designed a full-scale power supply ignoring costs. Adopts power circuit with large leeway by using two high capacity power transformers with one of them used as an independent power supply dedicated for analog circuit.Provides convincible music reproduction by solid sound structure with energy on each particles of the sound.

•External clock input terminal

External clock input terminal accepting 10MHz standard signal enabling higher-grade performance in connection with atom clocks or other clocks.

•Sampling rate converter

Sampling rate converter mounted to reduce jitter for all digital inputs.Integral multiple upsampling is selectable between x1, x2 and x4 by the switch on the front panel (up to x2 for 88.2kHz and 96kHz signals.)

•Balanced output (XLR) and single ended (RCA)

DAC output: Balanced output is equipped as standard in addition to single ended (RCA). Perfect for usage as high-end DA converter.

•Pre-output terminal (RCA)

Variable pre-output is included as standard equipment enabling usage as DAC-Pre. Volume carefully selected giving highest priority to sound quality enables to build a compact system with high sound quality by connecting with power amplifiers or speakers with built-in amplifiers.

•Digital output terminal (SPDIF)

Digital output terminal (SPDIF) on the back panel corresponds with sampling rate converter and can be used as an upsampling converter. It can also be used as DD converter that converts USB input to SPDIF

*Apple policy does not allow digital output for iPod input.

•High-grade headphone amplifier

Equipped with standard headphone jack. High-grade headphone amplifier based on dedicated board fully drives high impedance high-end audio headphones and provides excellent sound quality and S/N.

Board structure with high expandability
Structure of internal board layout: Boards from each parts -digital part, analog part and USB interface part- are independent of each other. This will create the merit to prepare for future updates, as well as to take care of the sound quality by preventing mutual interference.

•Future expandability            

Possible to add LAN terminal in the future. Also possible to support network audio with future update.





Front Panel

•iPod digital input (USB-A)x 1 ( available at "i" model )
•Headphone x 1(standard jack)

Rear Panel

•Digital input RCA x 1(192kHz/24bit), TOSLINK x 1(192kHz/24bit)
•USB digital input USB-B x1 (192kHz/24bit , DSD (DoP))
•Digital output RCA x 1 (192kHz/24bit)
•Analogue output fixed RCA x 1, XLR x 1, variable RCA x 1
•External clock input BNC x 1 (10MHz 50ohm)
•Power consumption 20W(AC100V 50/60Hz)
•Operation Voltage 100 - 120 V or 220~240 V 
•Dimension/Weight 300mm(W) x 73mm(H) x 266mm(D)・6kg


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