TechDAS Platter Top
Acrylic platter cover to protect the turntable and your records from dust accumulation

If you play a record on the platter which has a covering of dust or debris, the dust or debris will stick to the back of the record and may cause noise or jumping. To prevent and avoid any harm to the sound quality or any critical damage in music reproduction, you have to constantly clean and maintain your records.
The TechDAS Platter Top covers and protects the platter from such problems when the turntable is not in use. The clear cover will not spoil the beauty of the turntable and focuses on the protection of the platter surface.

TechDAS Disc Stabilizer
Analog disc stabilizer by TechDAS's exclusive metal technology

Tremendously improves sound quality of vinyl discs by removing surface vibration on the discs.
S/N is vastly improved without decreasing sound energy !
Enables extremely high-speed sound response and clears away all ‘muddiness’ in sound.

TechDAS Disc Stabilizer drastically improves the sound quality of an analogue disc by quickly absorbing and removing any minute vibrations that originate from the vinyl itself. Conventional stabilizers only hold down such vibration with their mass allowing the energy of these vibrations to be diffused or abated to a certain extent. However, since the vibration itself is not removed, the effect those stabilizers can bring on sound quality is quite limited. Furthermore, such effects can cut two ways, as if it is overly held down with the mass, the amount of information is reduced at the same time, consequently ending up with somewhat of a boring sound, something which you may have experienced.

TechDAS Insulation Base
Spike base by TechDAS's exclusive metal technology

TechDAS Insulation Base removing and isolating vibration quickly.
Drastically improves S/N and enables very sharp focused sound.
Improves setup stability and significantly reduces any effects the floor may have on sound quality.

Through the development of our reference analog turntable, Air Force One, TechDAS has accumulated a considerable amount of know-how on metal material involved, including; the correlation between physical metallurgy and sound, changes in sound quality caused by the combination of dissimilar metal.
TechDAS Insulation Base is an excellent spike base that has been developed by fully drawing on our accumulated knowledge of metallurgy. It quickly releases any minute vibrations that are emitted from audio equipment, keeps out any vibration from the floor, and insulates the audio apparatus inform these external vibrations. As a result, it tremendously improves the S/N and you can actually feel the changes in sound quality such as a sharper and focused sound.


TechDAS BANANA Plugs are the perfect solution to connect any speaker cables with your amplifier and/or loudspeakers. To keep the sound signal purity, to ensure the very stable connections, we proudly offer to use TechDAS BANANA Plugs for your speaker cables.

The Super BANANA is for the stripped cables and The Spade BANANA is for the Spade lugs terminated cables.
Each set contains 4 pcs (2 red and 2 Black) of plugs in the case.

TechDAS Titanium Screws Set

First-grade pure titanium cartridge mounting screws set

This set consists of six high grade screws, two washers and two nuts that are all machined from pure titanium.

Pure titanium has excellent audio properties such as light weight and high rigidity, but because it is difficult to machine, all machined screws including screw heads have not been available until TechDAS enabled this using their technologies.

If you mount a cartridge onto a headshell using the TechDAS Titanium Screws, there will be no loss of energy between the two components but a more direct and coherent transfer of energy.

Material : pure titanium
Dimensions : M2.6 x 6.0mm (2 pcs), M2.6 x 10mm (2pcs ), and M2.6 x 15mm (2pcs)

Attachments : 2 Washers: Ø 5.0mm (I.D), Ø2.8mm (O.D.) x 0.5mm (T),  2 Nuts: M2.6







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